Tango Music for Beginners

If you are just getting started in tango dancing, you probably are wondering where to buy music to practice to. This page will point you in a few good directions for good tango music that is suitable for dancing.

Streaming Sites

If you want to find tango music suitable for dancing on a streaming site, such as Pandora,  Spotify, or Apple Music,  search for the following orchestra leaders, who had the most popular dance bands during tango’s “Golden Age” (1935-55). We still play music from these artists for tango dancing, because no contemporary musicians have yet to equal them.

  • Juan D’Arienzo
  • Francisco Canaro
  • Juan Di Sarli
  • Anibal Troilo
  • Osvaldo Pugliese
  • Angel D’Agostino
  • Rodolfo Biagi
  • Edgardo Donato
  • Miguel Calo
  • Osvaldo Fresedo
  • Enrique Rodriguez

Buying CDs

My current recommendation for a first CD is the following. Click the image to sample it on Amazon.com.

Other People’s Recommendation

Here are some good sources for tango music and recommendations. (I will add to this list in future.)


Local Library


  • argentinetangoradio.com/ (Programmed by Balazs Gyenis, Budapest. The only online tango radio 100% dedicated to danceable tangos.)


This archive page of music topics my old blog “The Topic is Tango” has some choice items of musical interest collected over several years. I will consolidate these things on a new page soon, but they are worth digging through now.